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Top Fashion Designer in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area

M. Code Luxury Apparel LLC is a slow fashion lifestyle brand that empowers working women with curves with garments & products that compliment their everyday life. "Fit for your curves | Made to Empower" is our chosen tagline as my fellow small-waisted curvy women have difficulty finding garments off the rack that fit without needing alterations. Being a slow fashion eco-friendly company, I produce in small batches and will lead by example in the industry with my principles and values. My mission is to be an infrastructure to support diversity, body positivity, inclusion, and innovation within the fashion industry. I decided to launch this venture because being a fashion designer has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. I taught myself how to sew at 14 before YouTube was popular with DIY tutorials. I used to go to thrift stores, buy clothes, and take them apart. Once I became older, experiencing my issues with shopping, I dreamed of helping others with similar issues. Something that was a challenge was also an opportunity to provide a solution for others. To get your hands on my clothes, you can get in touch on the message form below.

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