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Dragons Blood Sage

Dragon's Blood White Sage: the hardened resin of the amazingly rare trees (Dracaena cinnabari) found in Indonesia and Sumatra. It has a natural red pigment and a haunting, earthy fragrance. Dragon’s Blood is used to add potency to spells, for protection, and to create a meditative atmosphere. Also known to have powerful effect in stimulating sex drive and passionate love.
Smudging with the smoke of Dragon's Blood white sage smudge sticks is also ideal for cleansing negative energy attracting positive energy and light when emotionally or spiritually tired or lacking motivation, ridding yourself of other people’s negative emotional energy. Sage releases ions that relieve stress and eliminate over 90% of bacteria! During your cleansing, be sure to open a window or door to let negative energy exit. Wave the smoke over an object, person or space you want to cleanse. You can also clear your doorways from negative energy entering by tracing your door with the smoke.


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