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Silky Soothe Detox Bath Salt

Detox | Soothe & Replenish with our Handcrafted Silky Soothe Detox Bath Soak

Bath nights are essential when it comes to self-care and love because it allows you to relax, regroup, and love on yourself!

*This bath soak has a very light aroma, gentle enough for little ones.

Ingredients: Organic Pink Himalayan sea salt coarse and fine, Epsom Salt, organic golden cactus honey powder, dried lavender buds, dried oat straw, dried chamomile buds flowers, organic lavender essential oil, sodium bicarbonate, safflower oil, and organic colloidal oat flower.

All of our Handcrafted Bath Salts are made with Himalayan Sea Salt. Himalayan Sea Salt contains the highest amount of minerals that are beneficial to your body compared to regular sea salt. This is due to the Himalayan salt having more trace minerals from the environment it is mined in. It also has less sodium than table salt. The popularity of Himalayan salt over the past few years has been well deserved as the attributes to aiding health makes Himalayan salt a no brainer for cooking and your bath soaks! 


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