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Sunrise Flower of Life Orgonite Pyramid

Sunrise Flower of Life Orgonite Pyramid

Amethyst and Citrine crystals and a rusty-orange colored copper spiral around a clear quartz crystal fill this Orgonite generator pyramid. Orgonite generators are active vibration enhancers created for elemental healing, uplifting environmental vibration levels, empowering the mind with awareness, and direct supporting healing energies through the conscious body. This Sunrise Flower of Life pyramid assists with energetic focus, stabilizing and raising vibrations. When placed in a personal space or as a healing tool (on your injury or ache), Sunrise Flower of Life Orgonite pyramids balance and strengthen the energetic field and offers protection from harmful EMFs and negative energy. This Sunrise Flower of Life orgonite pyramid provides focus for energy that is invigorating, re-balancing, and protective. Amethyst has been known for it's legendary powers to stimulate, and soothe, the mind and emotions. Also known to stimulate your third eye and invoke emotions of peace, intuition, and imagination among other feelings. Citrine is known for invoking joy, happiness, and alignment. *Selenite charging plate not included*


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